State v. German – Prohibited Possessor – Dismissed

Mr. German was charged with possession of a deadly weapon of a prohibited possessor after a shooting that occurred outside of his home. Police searched the home and found guns inside of the home where Mr. German resided with his sister. Mr. German was a convicted felon and therefore could not possess a firearm. Continue reading

Triplett vs. Granger – Order of Protection Dismissed

Mr. Triplett filed an Injunction Against Harassment claiming false allegations against Ms. Granger trying to keep her from seeing her granddaughter of whom Mr. Triplett is the father of. At a hearing Mr. Amaru was able to prove that the allegations Mr. Triplett was making were false and that he did not meet the burden of proof.  Continue reading

State vs. Randall – Felony Aggravated Assault

The Defendant, Randall, was charged with 2 counts Felony Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, 2 counts of Felony Aggravated Assault (temporary/substantial disfigurement), and Felony Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm within City Limits after an incident that occurred with some family members that alleged that they were assaulted by Randall. Continue reading

Attempted First Degree Murder

Mr. Salazar was wrongfully accused of Attempted First Degree Murder and other charges. He was acquitted of the murder charges and the Jury could not reach a verdict on the remaining charges.. Read More … Click Here

Dangerous Crimes Against Children, Tucson

Mr. Zumot was facing mandatory prison time when he was charged with Felony Dangerous Crime Against Children. We were able to convince the prosecutor and the Court that he was not a danger to re-offend, and was amenable to treatment. He was sentenced to probation. Read More … Click Here

Kidnapping & Child Custody, Tucson

The Mother of Mr. Hubner’s son ran absconded from Ohio and went on the run across the country with their two year old son. The Mother was sending texts bragging to the father that he would never see his son again. The maternal grandfather even personally taunted our office that we would never get Mr. Hubner’s son back. Continue reading

State vs. Olivas – Domestic Violence

Mr. Olivas was charged with assaulting his girlfriend and multiple other charges of disorderly conduct. In reality she fabricated a story against him after they argued verbally and he kicked her out. Jacob Amaru fought to prove Mr. Olivas’ innocence at trial.  After presenting all the evidence Mr. Olivas was acquitted and exonerated of all charges after a lengthy bench trial. The Judge made findings that she did not believe the “victim” was credible. Read More … Click Here

Child Custody Success Story

The Law Office of Jacob Represented a mother who was the subject of false allegations regarding alcohol and drug use. At the time of retaining my office the Mother was only allowed supervised visits with her children. We proved these allegations were false and after a contested trial she was awarded final decision authority and was reunited with her children.  Read More