Clear Your Criminal Record!

tucson expunge lawyerWhen you have a criminal record, even when convicted of only a minor offense, it can cause a great deal of hardship in your life. There will come many times when you will be legally obligated to inform people of your criminal record; this can ruin your chances of getting a job, a loan, an apartment, or even getting accepted into college or an educational program.  Attorney Jacob Amaru fully understands that all people are capable of making mistakes, and that in the majority of cases, those people are truly sorry for the mistakes they made.

Jacob Amaru works to have your records cleared, affording you the liberty to finally move on with your life, and giving you back the same opportunities as the rest of the world. A mistake made in your past does not mean that you should suffer for it the rest of your life. Mr. Amaru can review your criminal history and determine whether or not you are eligible. If you do qualify,  Attorney Amaru will immediately file the necessary paperwork to begin the process. In the courtroom, Mr. Amaru will present a solid and well-prepared argument to convince the judge to permanently remove your charges or arrest history from your record.


Expungement is the legal process of removing criminal arrests or charges from your record. As long as you were not convicted of the charges, you can clear an arrest or criminal charge from your record. After a successful expungement, your criminal charges or arrest history will no longer appear on your record. To people without criminal convictions, expungement is an invaluable tool, as it saves them from embarrassment and reopens many doors that were once closed.

Set Aside Judgment

In this economy, competition for good jobs, housing and school is tougher than ever. If you have been convicted of a crime I can improve your ability to pass a background check. Having me handle your case means that for a small flat fee you will have the security and confidence in knowing that you will have a licensed attorney working to make sure your record is cleared to the fullest extent possible as fast as possible.  For a small additional amount I can also move to restore your gun rights.

Arizona law (ARS 13-907) offers setting aside judgment designed to help deserving people get a felony or misdemeanor conviction off of their record. Once your judgment is set aside, you can answer with confidence to an inquiry relating to an application for employment, that you have not been convicted of a crime. Eligibility for setting aside judgment in Arizona requires that you have fulfilled the conditions of your probation or sentence and been discharged by the court.  Additionally, if you have been convicted of two or more felonies and sentenced to prison, you must wait two full years before applying for the judgment to be set aside, to restore your civil rights, and restore you gun rights.

Additionally, you may not set aside your judgment if you were convicted of any of the following offenses:

  • A crime involving the infliction of serious physical injury.
  • A crime involving the use or exhibition of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.
  • A crime where you are required to register as a sex offender.
  • A crime where there was a finding of sexual motivation.
  • A crime where the victim was a minor under fifteen years of age.
  • A violation pursuant to 28-3473, which is driving on a suspended or canceled license
  • A violation of any local ordinance relating to stopping, standing, or operation of a vehicle
  • Most violations of Arizona’s traffic and vehicle regulationsDUI’s and reckless driving CAN, however, be set aside

If you have criminal charges or an arrest history on record, please do not hesitate in contacting attorney Jacob Amaru today at 520.829.9642. Mr. Amaru has the legal experience it takes to be successful in court!

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