Fighting Warrants in the Tucson Area?

Is there a Warrant for Your Arrest?

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warrant tucsonA warrant is an order for your arrest. You can have a warrant because you have been charged with a crime. You may also have one for failing to appear in court or for violating a court order. You may even have a warrant without even knowing it for something as small as an unpaid speeding ticket.

Whatever the case, you do not want this to be on record. Warrants don’t expire and are recorded in the computer database so any police officer stopping you for a small traffic violation may check the computer and end up taking you to the police station. At any time a law enforcement officer may also come to your home and take you away. The embarrassment and disruption to your life can be life changing. If you or a member of your family is in this position, your best course is to contact a Tucson criminal defense attorney.

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Tucson, Casa Grande Sierra Vista, Nogales, and Bisbee Arizona is Available to Assist You with Your Warrant.

We of the Law Offices of Jacob Amaru are a skilled criminal defense team serving Tucson, Casa Grande Sierra Vista, Nogales, and Bisby Arizona. We are experienced in handling warrants to your best advantage. If you have a warrant because of failing to appear or failing to follow a court order, we may be able handle this with minimum inconvenience to you. We may even be able to appear in court on your behalf so you can continue your life with little disruption.

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