murder tucsonIf you have been arrested or are under investigation for murder this means that your freedom & future are on the line. At the law offices of Jacob Amaru, we represent clients throughout the Tucson area who face Murder charges; murder in the first and second degree. These are the most serious of criminal charges that a anyone may face, and we treat them as such.

When you work with Tucson criminal defense attorney Jacob Amaru, he will give you the attention and dedicated support you deserve as a he undertakes a full investigation into every single aspect of your charges; the investigation, arrest, processing and collection of evidence, witnesses, etc. Our goal will be to uncover any evidence that will support your side of the story.

Providing the highest quality criminal defense representation for your Tucson murder charges means that you will have the opportunity of avoiding a conviction all together or having your charges dropped, or maybe having your charges reduced. Because murder is a crime that will completely change your life if you are convicted, getting legal representation is of the utmost importance to your freedom.

To find out what impact we can have on the outcome of your murder case in Tucson, contact a criminal lawyer at our firm today. 520.465.6968