Restore Your Rights After a Conviction

Often, felony convictions will result in the loss of certain civil rights, including:

  • The right to bear arms

  • The right to be on a jury

  • The right to vote

  • The right to hold certain jobs

  • The right to hold certain licenses

You may have been convicted of an offense or offenses for mistakes you made in the distant past, while you were struggling with alcohol or drug addiction or mental health problems, or just for exercising poor judgment. Perhaps you were even wrongfully convicted.

• You have paid your debt to society

• You have a valuable perspective to share in our legislative and judicial systems

• You want to enjoy hunting

• You want the right to be able to defend yourself, your family or your business.

You deserve the chance to take back your rights, and you need to apply.

If you have completed the terms of your sentence and are otherwise eligible, I can help you file a motion to Restore your Civil Rights that were lost from the conviction of a felony offense in Arizona. If your conviction is for certain offenses, you may not be eligible to have certain rights restored; other offenses may require the passage of specific amount of time before you are eligible to apply. Whatever your situation or case, I can help you negotiate through the process.

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