Sex Crimes

If you have been accused of a sex crime in the Tucson area, you need to act quickly as this is a very serious situation that can change your life forever if not resolved. Any person charged with a sex crime in Tucson, Arizona or the surrounding areas can face intense criminal prosecution. The penalties imposed under state law for sex crimes are very harsh, and you might suffer consequences that include being required to register on the sex offender registry. This is a situation in which any person can look up your name, your photo and exactly where you live and has created many frightening situations for those who are on this registry. Some types of sex offenses are so severely punished under our criminal justice system that a conviction can result in years spent in state prison. It is crucial that you retain a Tucson defense lawyer at once if you have been accused of such a crime – even if you are innocent. Being innocent is not enough; you could still be convicted if you don’t have the support of an aggressive defense lawyer from the Law Offices Jacob Amaru from the second you get arrested.

What is a Sex Crime?

A sex crime is considered any criminal act that is sexual nature and that violates state and federal sex crime laws. The majority of sex crimes are committed against the victim’s will. However, sometimes sex crimes are committed even when a victim consents to the activity, such as crimes involving sex with a minor. The minor may consent to sex, but the defendant could still be charged with statutory rape because the victim is under 18 which is the legal age of consent in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson sex crimes lawyer Jacob Amaru has spent years helping people throughout the Tucson metro area fight their sex crime charges. Jacob Amaru is highly experienced in this area of criminal law, and has a solid understanding of the laws and regulations that govern these types of cases. At the Jacob Amaru Law Firm, clients can expect to receive experienced representation for cases involving the following types of sex crimes:

  • Child Molestation
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Child Pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Statutory Rape
  • Date Rape
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Pandering/Solicitation
  • Sex Crimes Against Children
  • Sexual Battery

Charged with a Sex Crime in the Tucson area?

Prompt action taken on your behalf can have a positive effect on the outcome of your case. Some sex crimes are based upon false accusations, and addressing this matter quickly is vital; your future is at risk without every possible defense option being applied to your case at once. A full investigation into the accuser’s background may be necessary. Some cases of consensual sex later result in accusations of rape or abuse, and this situation can destroy the accused person’s life and future. A felony sex crime conviction will result in extensive prison time and spending the rest of your life as a convicted felon.

Act quickly. Contact a Tucson Sex Crime Defense Lawyer at once for a free consultation if you have been charged with a sex crime. 520.465.6968