Probation Violations

Need help with a Probation Violation in Tucson?

PROBATION TERMINATION: Tired of having a probation officer checking in on you 24/7? Arizona courts will terminate probation early in many circumstances. The court considers many factors, such as the need for relief, the seriousness of the offense, the criminal history, and the potential benefit to society. For a small flat fee, I handle all aspects of the case for you so that you can get off of probation and back to your life.

PROBATION REVOCATIONS: Do you believe that your probation officer has unjustly moved to revoke your probation? I can help you avoid jail or prison time in the event of a breach of terms and conditions. In the event of a probation violation it is important to enlist the services of a skilled and successful attorney to ensure your rights are upheld and the court acts in accordance with pre-established statutes

  • Some of the more common violations include: failure to pay fines, failure to pay restitution to the victim, failure to enroll in or complete rehabilitation or community service, possession of illegal drugs or weapons, and associating with known criminals. The specific rules you are held to are included in your probation packet and any deviation from the requirements can constitute a probation violation. The actions taken following a probation violation will depend on the severity of the violation. However, you may face possible consequences such as having your probation revoked and your original sentence invoked, with immediate jail time.
  • A probation violation can often be successfully defended by an experienced attorney. The importance of enlisting legal representation to remedy your potential breech of Arizona law is essential if you wish to avoid the additional loss of your freedoms and extended infringement on your rights. In many cases, if an acceptable explanation as to why a probation violation has occurred exists, the court may see fit to: one, continue the probation, reinstate with additional terms; or two, place you on intensive probation rather than make you face immediate jail time. The ultimate goal is to have your probation reinstated, and to avoid jail time.