Record Sealing Attorney for Tucson

If you have been wrongfully arrested in the past, that arrest is still public record.  Your employer or worse a potential employer (if you are looking for a job) can pull up your arrest record and make judgements about you from police reports that may be false or that misstate what happened during your arrest.  The law office of Jacob Amaru is able to have these records sealed so that no one may access them without a court order.

13-4051. Entry on records; stipulation; court order

A. Any person who is wrongfully arrested, indicted or otherwise charged for any crime may petition the superior court for entry upon all court records, police records and any other records of any other agency relating to such arrest or indictment a notation that the person has been cleared.

B. After a hearing on the petition, if the judge believes that justice will be served by such entry, the judge shall issue the order requiring the entry that the person has been cleared on such records, with accompanying justification therefor, and shall cause a copy of such order to be delivered to all law enforcement agencies and courts. The order shall further require that all law enforcement agencies and courts shall not release copies of such records to any person except upon order of the court.