Restraining Orders

restraining order tucsonTucson criminal defense attorney Jacob Amaru provides Criminal Defense services to individuals in Arizona and represents people in cases involving restraining orders. If you are the victim of domestic violence and are seeking protection through a restraining order, or are trying to fight a restraining order that was unnecessarily placed against you, attorney Amaru can help.

A restraining order is an order of the court providing protection to someone who has either been threatened or physically harmed by someone else. Restraining orders serve the purpose of preventing future abuse, harm, or threats by ordering an abuser or harasser to stay clear and stop all contact with a victim.

Placing a Restraining Order

Restraining orders are generally implemented in cases of domestic violence in order to protect a victim from any further suffering. Restraining orders issued in these situations may direct an abuser to stay away from the victim’s home, place of employment, school or any other place they regularly visit. A judge will sign the restraining order, legally requiring the abuser to obey the law. If the abuser violates the restraining order in any way, they can be arrested and will face criminal penalties. If you are the victim of abuse or violence or if threats have been made against you placing you in fear of immediate harm, you should speak with Tucson criminal defense attorney Jacob Amaru about the possibility of a restraining order.

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