Violent Crimes

Are you Under Violent Crime Charges? Our Tucson Criminal Defense Firm can Help.

Violent crimes are harshly dealt with under Arizona law and can result in long prison sentences, depending upon the severity of the crime. Even life sentences or the death penalty are possible.

The charge of aggravated assault become more serious as it also involves the intention to inflict serious bodily harm on another. Violent crimes can involve domestic disputes, vehicular manslaughter, rape, kidnapping and even gang related or hate crimes. Such criminal charges are never simple as many factors can determine the severity of the outcome. In all cases the services of a Tucson criminal defense attorney should be obtained as rapidly as possible. At the Law Offices of Jacob Amaru our legal team has spent years defending clients that are up against violent crime charges such as murder or manslaughter.

The simple fact of a violent act does not make it a violent crime. The law requires other elements to be present and proved for this to be the case. Even when the fact of a violent crime, whether kidnapping or homicide, has been established there are many factors involved in determining the crime’s severity and subsequent level of punishment.

An act of physical violence and bodily damage can carry the highest level penalty within the law and your defense must be undertaken by a lawyer that understands criminal defense to the fullest extent. Every case has possibilities for a defense, and with an analysis of your case, our legal team will advise you how we will proceed, what strategy will be employed on your behalf, and what to expect when charged with any violent crime. Our attorney will be there throughout the process, and your case will be give the priority attention that it deserves.

If you are facing violent crime charges then it is in your best interest to contact a Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyer from our legal team without delay.